What areas do you build?

We are based on the Sunshine Coast and service the South-East Queensland Region.


How do you generate your building work?

All our work is based on referral and trust which has come about by providing clients with quality custom built homes, renovations and extensions and delivering service with communication, honesty and integrity.  We personally work with every client and guide them through the process from the beginning to completion.   We love what we do!


What are my options in relation to creating a customised house plan?

More frequently clients are engaging us to work with our draftsman to create a house design perfect for their block and to work within their budget and we are achieving amazing results.  We believe each block should have a customised plan to create the perfect lifestyle and design and to ensure you are receiving the best investment and return out of your land purchase and house construction.


We have a block which is extremely small – can you work with these smaller blocks too?

We can build on any block large or small.  We have some small block plans already and are currently working with our Draftsman to create a portfolio of Small Lot Homes but some thought still has to be given to trying to have the best possible plan for your block no matter how small.


How long does the whole preliminary process to reach construction take?

Around 6 – 8 weeks from Plan Design to Certification if everything runs smoothly but it all depends on how many Plan changes are made.


At what stage can you accurately quote on my house?

After the Contour Plans, Soil Report, final Working Drawings and Engineering have been completed.  Quoting before these stages and reports have been completed will definitely not be accurate!


We are looking at a block of land – will you do a pre-inspection of land before we purchase?

Troy will absolutely do this for you at no charge and give you his expert opinion on design options and ballpark costings.


We are looking at purchasing an old house with potential to renovate and not quite sure if this is a good investment – will you inspect for us?

Troy is happy to inspect and give you his professional opinion and recommendations.  It is always a great idea to do this before purchase to understand the extent of future renovations and costing and whether it will be a good quality investment for you.