The TMB Building Process

The Steps We Take Together

We are happy to meet with you at any stage – please don’t feel like you have to contact us only when you are in possession of your House Plans. Troy can meet with you on a property you may be thinking of purchasing, to give you peace of mind and assist you in making an informed decision on your investment. There will be no charges for this meeting!

After purchase we can arrange another site meeting with Troy and our independent, qualified and experienced Draftsman.

Even if you already have the property and have engaged your own Draftsman, it is still a great idea to have Troy view your house plans and your property (whether vacant land or a house to be renovated). The idea of having this meeting before plans are finalised is to save the expense and time, of perhaps having to make changes at a later stage.

It may be that the existing house on the property you’ve purchased is better off being demolished! It is definitely an option worth considering, particularly if the block is fabulous, but the house is in terrible condition.

We are able to organise this for you, and, in the grand scale of things, many are surprised at the minimal cost in doing so. After all… a brand new Troy Martyn home gives you the benefits of contemporary design and quality finishes that fit your lifestyle perfectly, often for less than you would pay to renovate.

Whatever your requirements, we will lead you through the whole building process with professional, clear, concise advice to give you the ultimate result in investment and home. We cannot reiterate how important these stages are, as ultimately it has to be a design that not only suits your lifestyle, but fits within your budget too.

Once we have the finalised building plans, we will need to organise a soil report and attain engineered plans. These reports are needed to precisely quote on your construction works, as they detail all the necessary structural requirements. We may also require town planning approval or covenant approval depending on your construction location.

We can assist you with all of your interior and exterior selections, not just aesthetically but also in the way of practicality. Minimising issues such as maintenance and cost allows you to allocate your budget to the important areas of your new home.

Now it’s time to prepare a detailed building quotation for you –

Our quotes include everything from the commencement of works on your property, right through to the completion of your build. This is a fixed price. There are NO hidden extras!

The quotation will be thoroughly explained in a face to face meeting at a time convenient to you and your schedule.

After accepting our quotation and becoming a Troy Martyn Building client, we will provide a full and comprehensive building specification and all contract documentation.
We will meet with you to thoroughly review and discuss this and make any changes, if necessary.

It’s now time to prepare all development forms and obtain council approval after which we commence construction works – a very exciting time, for both you and for us! We guarantee our full and undivided support thoughout the entire quotation and building process.